hey, I moved
tying it like this is fun because it looks like I have a stupid short haircut

do you wanna hear my super gay text tone 

I went to a bachelorette party and my eyes have lost their innocence
my mom and cousin were like “you need to learn from this!!” nO
I finally have a dang style
this hour in the bathroom will be the peak of my life
I accidently wore these outside
Do you ever fall in love with your case
I am a bundle of joy today
Kubo got married
I bought this really warm and awesome fleece jacket at Uniqlo yesterday but it’s too warm to have in the house right now and I don’t want to take it off
she’s my priiide and joy
We’ve been together for about a week now and we’re in love
this is me after reading 13 volumes of Berserk in 3 days, admitting defeat